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Neighbourhood Watch

Local scam and items missing from porches.


Items have been taken from unlocked porches in the village. Please be aware and don't leave anything of value in unlocked entrances.

There has been a local scam contact with callers claiming to be Open Reach. They ask for personal detail in order to improve your broad band speeds. Please make sure you don't provide confidential data and ensure conversations re broadband are with your genuine provider.


Yesterday between 11am and 1pm a high value folding cycle was taken from an open garage on Oak Farm Lane and it appears at the same time a Childs pink bike was dumped in a driveway in the house next door. A scruffy male youth (circa 15 years of age was seen riding towards the main road on the pink bike which was far to small for him).

The stolen bike is a `Dahon aluminium foldingbike with agu panniers. It also had an antique car horn on the handle bars so its quite distinctive (photo attached). Anyone sighting this bike let me know. Photo attached.

Are you aware of anyone missing a Childs pink bike. We can return to the owner. Again let me know.


1.Scam Salesman

There is a very smart young man, pretending to be a Swiss national, who is selling, door to door and elsewhere, cooking pans, kitchen knives, and cutlery, which he claims are top of the range Swiss products but are in fact of very poor quality from the far East.

He gives some story about having been left with a few after having had a successful stand at Brand's Hatch and is virtually giving them away at £200 for a set of pans so that he does not have to pay duty on them when he returns to Switzerland. Which in itself should ring bells. At first glance, they look very nice and quite heavy, which may actually be due to having concrete in the base which has been reported on the net.

He was driving a German black Rover, registration GEL IK777. His fake business card gives a non-existent Dusseldorf phone number. He also has a strange fake website.

He is quite young, smartly dressed and well spoken with a German or Dutch accent, and on the surface, also well mannered.

I know, I know," if it appears too good to be true ...", is a truism. I plead senility and the distractions of a lunatic spaniel.

2. Blue Van EO52 GVM

A blue van appeared as abandoned overnight at the entrance to Pettings Court Units. This was a long distance customer of one of the units who arrived at 4am and was asleep in the back until his appointment time of 10am so nothing to worry about.

3.The pink bike on the grass in front of Park view is not the same bike referred to in earlier contacts and I assume is just abandoned.

John Haywood