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Gardening Cup Challenges

Half Tray of 5 Vegetables.

No lining paper or sand should be used. Vegetables should be arranged within the tray. Tops of root vegetables should be trimmed to 2”. Nothing should overlap the sides of the tray. Round beetroot should have only one tap-root and not be more than 2” in diameter, as should round courgettes. Big is not always best!  Beans should be displayed with stalks. Items should be named if the variety is known.

Ladies Cup for a Container of Plants.

Marks are awarded as follows:

Initial impact, colour, texture, scent                   20 marks

Presentation, balance, symmetry                          20 marks

Quality, health, vigour, appropriateness              40 marks

Potential for long-term display                            20 marks

                                               Total                     100 marks

Competition 2017

Barbara Macknish the judge has been impressed with the improved standard of the entries and how much harder everyone has tried over the years. We hope she will not be disappointed next year. Do contact Frank Cottee (01732 823 175) for an entry form.

Entries 2016 View Entries 2016